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Nicolas Parodi 

Founder of Sons & Merveilles


For 15 years I navigated the corporate world by driving strategic projects. From country to country and industry to industry, I went from health to media, and through the troubled waters of finance. Surprisingly enough, my taste for adventure has remained intact.

Today it is my turn to transport others with the podcasts of Sons & Merveilles.

Sons & Merveilles is based in France and operates in both French and English.


Alice Krief

Passionate about cinema and music, Alice brings her technical and artistic touch to the editing and mixing of podcasts produced by Sons & Merveilles.

She also makes her own original creations. They can be found on her website:  

Les Belles Fréquences

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Aurélien Bony

Sound designer and co-founder of Studio MarcAurel, Aurélien works mostly on TV and movie projects.

He brings more than 20 years of sound and music production experience to our podcasts.

He produced La Beauté des Mondes for Sons & Merveilles.

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